Sports Premium



Over the past six academic years, the Government has provided funding of 150 million per annum for primary schools to improve their provision for Physical Education (PE) and School Sport. The money goes directly to Primary Headteachers, with each school receiving 16,000 plus an extra 10 per child from years 1-6. This money is ring-fenced, meaning it has to be spent solely on PE/School Sport. For the academic year 2018/19, Bulford St Leonard’s will receive £18,110.

At Bulford St Leonard’s Primary School, we have always considered PE to be a hugely important part of the curriculum and we pride ourselves on offering children many opportunities to take part in sport, both during and after school. We currently offer a large range of after-school sports clubs over the course of the year.

Our aim is use the Sports Premium Funding to improve the teaching of physical education and to provide a wide range of opportunities for our children to be active and develop a lifelong love of physical activity. We also aim to use the funding in a sustainable manner so that it continues to benefit children in years to come and has a lasting legacy.

The School aims for 2018/19 that are supported by the SPF are:

 To improve the quality of teaching and learning in PE

 To increase opportunities for pupils to have more active break and lunchtimes e.g. play/sports equipment, lunch time sports activities.

 To increase participation in sporting activities.

 Pay for transport for sport festivals

 Participate in the Schools Sports Partnership

 Provide additional swimming lessons for children in year 6 who have not achieved the required level in swimming by the Summer Term.

How we are spending our money to improve the quality of PE and School Sport

1. Action: We have budgeted for supply cover for the PE leader/school staff to attend CPD courses, tournaments and competitions with children

Impact: PE leader continually updates her knowledge of the current curriculum. Children are given the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular and competitive sporting activities. This includes the following competitions: 1000 (ie local football, netball, gymnastics, athletics, cricket)

2. Action: Staff to receive training and support across the PE curriculum from qualified PE teachers

Impact: The quality of PE teaching across the school is improving. More pupils are becoming competent in the basic and more advanced skills. Staff using a scheme of work that ensures children progress and are challenged. Staff work alongside coaches to enhance their own skills.

3. Action: Funding the cost of an additional swimming lesson and transport for Year 6 children

Impact: Children receive more individual swimming coaching to ensure progression.

4. Action: Qualified coach is employed to work alongside staff to improve delivery of specific areas of PE curriculum eg. Dance, gym, cricket, etc

Impact: Greater confidence of staff and improved delivery of the curriculum. New skills are gained by children, curriculum is enhanced.

5. Action: Equipment purchased for curriculum and for playground use.

Impact: A wider range of activities, both during lessons and at playtimes, to give variety, stimulate interest and further improve playground behaviour.

6. Action: Subsidising extra-curricular sporting activities

Impact: Increased opportunities for all children to attend after school sporting activities.

7. Action: Participate in the Schools Sports Partnership for sports festivals, staff training and loan of resources/equipment to include necessary transport.

Impact: Opportunities for children to take part in competitions across the area and attend coaching sessions.

8. Action: Train and employ 1 lunchtime play supervisor

Impact: Encourage more active, varied and organised lunchtime activities for all children, particularly in EY & KS1.

Template showing allocated funds:

Provide weekly swimming lessons for those KS2 children to enable the children to meet the KS2 expectation for swimming through funding pool hire, tuition and lifeguarding: £4,500

Provide a sports club during breakfast club x1 morning a week: £728

Provide a lunchtime PE club run by a qualified sports coach x2 a week: £1,568

Provide 1 x before school cricket/football/multi skills club: £1,064

Support pupils and involve the least active children by running extra-curricular sports clubs x3 a week: £2,184

PE co-ordinator/Release staff to take children to sports festivals: £1,000

An additional lunchtime member of staff to run focused EY & KS1 sports activities: £2,850

Pay for transport for sports festivals: £1,000

Participate in the Schools Sports Partnership for sports festivals, staff training and loan of resources/equipment: £1,200

Provide incentives: Trophies and medals Team colour bibs: £200

Providing equipment and software for sport and fitness activities and assessment purposes: £1,500

Train and employ 1 lunchtime play supervisor: £1,050

Total: £18,844 (additional school funding £734)

As a school we also organize our own tournaments, demonstrating our commitment to the wider community as well as to our own children and, through our Sports' Days and participation in inter-school competitions, we provide opportunities for you to see your children taking part in sporting activities.