Small Fire at Bulford St. Leonard's - Reflection and Thanks

Bulford St. Leonard’s staff and pupils have been reflecting following the small fire that occurred on the roof of one of the school buildings on Monday 17th June 2019.

The following day all staff and pupils gathered at 9am to talk about the events of the previous day and to be thankful for how well absolutely everyone responded to the situation. Pupils entered assembly by singing “Proud.”

“What have you done today to make you feel Proud?” For Team Bulford – the answer is plenty!!

All emergency procedures were implemented quickly and efficiently, ensuring that everyone was safe. The school is open as normal, albeit with different classrooms being used for some.

At Bulford St. Leonard’s one of our values is Trust. We all talked about how Trusting we all were of each other to each do the right thing and how that enabled everyone to be kept safe.

We also chose a new word for our School – Calm. Everyone remained Calm and listened to and followed instructions. We are so very Proud of everyone in the school and also of all the Bulford St. Leonard’s parents who responded so quickly to the requirement to come and collect their children and also remained Calm.

The children’s Christian values and community commitment shone through very strongly throughout the incident, whilst evacuated on the school field the collective worship group of children were sat quietly praying for everyone’s safety, demonstrating how much care and thought there is for others at Bulford St. Leonard’s.

“Don’t worry about a thing”

The school then sang “Three Little Birds” while reflecting on the fact that we are so privileged at Bulford to have such wonderful pupils, staff and parents that there is no need to worry about a thing that we will all take care of each other.

Teachers have been holding circle time with the children to give them an opportunity to talk about what had happened and to ask any questions.

Team Bulford would like to say a very big thank you to everyone involved, especially the Dorset & Wiltshire Fire Service and all the parents who have been sending in such lovely comments following the incident on Monday.

Mrs Edmond, a parent, said:

“Your professionalism was outstanding, and we are so grateful to have individuals like you leading, teaching and inspiring our children”.

Whilst talking about deforestation in class and how we need to keep our trees safe, a pupil said:

“just like the teachers kept us safe during the fire, we need to protect the forests”

School life continues as normal at Bulford St. Leonard’s following the incident and behind the scenes, we will be working hard to ensure all the damage to the new building is repaired.

Thank you for everyone’s support at this time – go Team Bulford!