Winchester Science Museum and Planetarium Visit

On Tuesday 30th January, Year 5 and 6 children took a trip to Winchester Science Museum and Planetarium. We started the day by exploring the museum exhibits.


Ryan Stockton, Year 6, said, “I remember learning about some of this stuff in school but because we didn’t have the resources it was kinda hard to understand but now I’ve seen this, I get it.” (Ryan was talking about learning about prisms in light.) “Later on we headed to the planetarium. Our guides told us so much stuff about space and different facts we had not yet learnt in school. We found it fascinating when he showed us the size of the different planets in comparison to others.” 


Class teacher, Rosie Brady said, “The children already knew so much about our topic space so it was so nice to conclude our topic and for children to show others what they know. Our visit helped children understand more about our galaxy and how much more there is to explore out there.”

A great day was had by all!