Avon Valley College Swimming Gala

Swimming Gala 1st February 2018 at Durrington swimming pool

Durrngton swimming pool.jpg

The Swimming Gala team consisted of twelve year 5/6 boys and girls. They each took part in individual races: breaststroke, backstroke and frontcrawl.

Along with the 4x1 freestyle and 4x1 medley, eight joined in with the cannon relay.

Bella (Y6) said, “I don’t know what happened during the cannon race, I just felt a rush of adrenaline”

Each participant tried so hard and their team spirit was evident when they encouraged one another during the races.

Dylan (Y6) commented, “We had brilliant team work!”

Adam (Y6) commented, “I enjoyed taking part and competing with other schools.”

Mrs Madden and Mrs Shannon thought it was extremely well run with exceptional support from AVC Yr10 Sports Leaders.