Survival Day

Children from Bulford St Leonard’s Primary School, part of Salisbury Plain Academies, took part in a themed ‘Survival’ day recently.


It marked the beginning of the topic for the term – Survival!  The day was action packed with a visit from marine commandos, den building in the classroom, a first aid workshop and many more exciting activities linked to the theme of survival.


Each class took part in a session led by a team of marine commandos on the school field.  They were taught a variety of skills including taking part in an assault course, model village making in teams and how to build a fire using the materials around them.  The session included toasting marshmallows on the fire, and then eating them - yum!



‘The course was super challenging but it taught us teamwork.’

-       Kieran Desroches, Year 6


As well as the marine commandos, the children were lucky enough to receive some first aid training from our very own Mrs Madden, an experienced first aid instructor.  The children practised the recovery position, learnt how to make splints and bandage up wounds. 



Throughout the day, each class designed and then built dens.  The children came up with a set of success criteria to assess their dens against – all the children agreed the den needed to be able to keep them warm, dry and safe.  Have a look at some of the photos to see their marvellous creations!



Other skills practiced during the day included knot tying, identifying needs for survival on a desert island and planning what to take on a trek to the arctic.


‘It was lovely to see the children so engaged, motivated and enthusiastic to learn all the new skills!  It was an action-packed, fun-filled day that kicked of our new topic in great style!’

-       Rosie Brady, Year 5/6 teacher