New term at Bulford

The new term at Bulford St Leonard’s Primary School, part of Salisbury Plain Academies, kicked off with an exciting day of activities.

Everything was based around the new school topic – Our Wonderful World. Throughout this term, the whole school will have a focus on the world, and will learn about different continents and countries. 

In Year’s 3, 4, 5 qnd 6, the children spent the morning moving between four classrooms to experience different activities about the world. Teachers, Imogen Copp and Donna Sandford, taught the children how to say hello in a number of different languages and shared national anthems from different countries. 

In Karen Jeffery’s classroom the children had the opportunity to create a globe of their own on balloons and with Rosie Brady, children had the opportunity to taste foods from around the world including olives.

In the afternoon, the children began construction on famous landmarks from around the world using junk modelling. 

In Year’s 1 and 2, the children in Charlotte Burton’s and Chris Baker’s classes spent the morning looking at world maps and using atlases to find different countries. They also enjoyed making flags from around the world and finding facts about various famous landmarks. In Caroline Nash’s class children tasted bread from different countries. “They loved tasting the baguettes, cob and bread sticks but didn’t like the vollkornbrot from Germany,” she explained.

New pupils in the Reception class were set a holiday challenge, they had to bring in pictures of any places they had explored either in the holiday or before.  They then took turns to share their pictures with the other children, telling them where they had been.  Then they used the globe to find the different countries such as Spain, Turkey and even Singapore!

In class the children enjoyed making flags from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales during independent learning.  They also  enjoyed reading the new Julia Donaldson story ‘What the Ladybird Heard on Holiday’, learning more about London and the famous landmarks there.  

Everyone finished off the day by coming together in a Collective Worship to share everything they had done throughout the day.

“We all had such a fantastic day and cannot wait to learn more about the different countries,” said Karen Jeffery, Year 5 and 6 class teacher. “It’s so nice to see children so enthusiastic on their first day of term. We even had parents at the end of the day coming to see us to tell us what a great day their children had had.”