Time Travellers

Pupils from Bulford St Leonard’s primary school, part of Salisbury Plain Academies, became time travellers recently.

They left their school uniforms at home and wore clothes they were allowed to get messy in. 

“That’s all we told them,” said class teacher, Rosie Brady. “When they arrived in school they were led to the hall where a video of Phil Harding (Time Team archaeologist) was played instructing children that they would become archaeologists for the day.”

Each class then spent time outside digging up historic finds such as buckles, coins, pottery and jewellery. Wessex Archaeology kindly lent the school “real” finds that were buried in sand trays. Children used trowels and paintbrushes to carefully excavate the sites. In the afternoon, children looked at artefacts from different time periods and sketched them 

Year 6 pupil, Kieran Desroches said: "It was fun but hard because you had to be so careful when you were digging. You also had to be resilient because you might not find something straight away and if you did find something, you'd have to be patient, you could just pull it out of the ground as it might break!" 

The day related to this terms school topic of time travellers. Reception children are now learning about dinosaurs, Year 1 and 2 children are now learning about teddies, trains and teas sets. Year 3 and 4 are learning about the Romans and Year 5 and 6 are learning about Ancient Egypt. 

“It was so nice to see children so enthusiastic and to become archaeologists for the day,” said Year 2 class teacher, Charlotte Burton.