Footy festival!

Pupils from Bulford St Leonard’s primary school took part in a Year 5 and 6 mixed football festival at Avon Valley College recently. 

The school’s players in the level 2 school games were Summer Wright, Nathan Foley, William McCluskey, Harrison Bond, Ben Malkinson, Evan Bradford, Kai Holmes, Daniel Mwaipopo, Mati Mukome and Sommer-Lee Playford. 

The competition was split into small schools and large schools. Each competition was a round robin, played over three football pitches with matches lasting six minutes each way. 

In total, there were 170 Year 5 and 6 pupils taking part. The event was overseen by Year 9 and 10 sport leaders from Avon Valley College. As well as refereeing they kept score, the time and did the results table.

There were eight teams In Bulford St Leonard’s group competition, which resulted in the children playing seven other primary school teams. Bulford finished 4th overall.

“All the children played well as a team, demonstrating their individual strengths,” said Jemma Dicks, PE Subject leader at Bulford St Leonard’s. 

Football player Sommer-Lee said: “When you work in a team it’s good.”

Fellow pupil Ben added: “I enjoyed seeing the different styles of play.”