More to SPA than STEM

The start to 2017 proved to be a knock out for Salisbury Plain Academies’ staff - when Durrington All Saints’ Infant School took part in a joint training day with staff from Bulford St Leonard’s Primary School.

The aim was to put the ‘wow’ into teaching history and geography and thanks to primary education consultant trainer Chris Trevor the day did just that.

The fun-packed training included making maps from Play Doh, making a globe out of a balloon and making human maps as well as visiting new websites, role-play and a history mystery which saw staff unpacking a suitcase of artefacts.

Helen Mathieson CEO of Salisbury Plain Academies said: “Our partnership allows the schools to work together to enhance learning, raise aspirations and provide many more opportunities for our pupils but it also makes certain that teachers across our schools work collaboratively to develop and sustain the best practice, explore more and many resources and support each other to ensure excellence in our schools."

Teachers from both schools were inspired, describing the day as 'brilliant'.

"Lots of inspiring ideas and passion.  Loved the links with books," said one while another added: "Fantastic resources.  Great books to look at. Brilliant ideas.," and a third summed up: "The range of different approaches used to deliver the content - very inspiring and has given me a lot to think about!"

Everyone involved said they enjoyed it so much, they wanted longer.

Lindsay West, Principal at Durrington All Saints said; "I am passionate about these subjects and believe that they hold just as great an importance as STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects because I believe that history and geography inspire in pupils a curiosity and fascination about the world, its people and the past that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.  This is what makes our children learners for life.”