Nominations for an AAB Parent Member

A vacancy has arisen for a parent member to serve on the Academy Advisory Board of this school.  We are very keen to encourage parents (or people with parental responsibility) of registered pupils to nominate themselves to fill this place.

Parent members are elected by parents and from parents and are vital to our Advisory Board. You will work with other members and the principal to support the development and improvement of teaching, learning and standards.

If you join our Advisory Board, you will serve for a four year term and you can continue to the end of the term of office even if your child/children leave the school. Of course, being a member does take up time.  The Advisory Board meetings are held once a term.  You will need to set aside time to be able to be an effective member, time to prepare for meetings, for visiting the school, undertaking training and updating.  

To find out more about being a parent member at this school you can contact the school office and leave your contact details and you will be contacted by an individual who will be very willing to answer any questions.  Or alternatively,an information sheet can be found by a click here. To apply please click here for the nomination form.

If you would like to take the opportunity to put yourself forward as a candidate, please complete and return a nomination form to the school office by Friday 25th January 2019. 

If more than one person is nominated, there will need to be an election, I will contact you to let you know about the arrangements.


Yours sincerely,


Jo Trickett

Parents of Year R to Year 5

‘Dear parents & carers,
Nasal flu vaccination – Electronic consent
Your child’s nasal flu vaccination is now due and the date for this scheduled with school.
In order to provide electronic consent for your child’s Flu vaccination, please access the consent portal via the following link:

We would like to request that consent is provided as soon as possible as the link closes 5 days prior to the session in school. This link is secure and unique to your child’s school. Full details and information to assist you in completing the consent is detailed on the portal including full FAQ’s, patient information and contact details should you wish to speak to a nurse regarding the nasal vaccination.
Many thanks for your cooperation’